Is Your Garage Door Not Opening or Closing Properly?

Your garage door is an important part of your property. It helps to keep your car safe and sound while you’re at home and it gives you a great place to park. A garage can enhance the façade of your property and even add value over time.

But are you starting to notice strange things about your garage door? Have you noticed that your garage door is failing to open or close properly? Maybe you’ve heard some strange sounds. It may be time to have your door inspected.

man fixing garage door sensor

If you put this off you may find yourself facing negative consequences down the track, including a blocked garage door, and that’s no fun for anyone.

Let’s take a look at why a garage door may not be functioning as intended.

Your Door is Stuck

It’s no fun trying to get your car in or out of the garage only to find that the door gets stuck. There could be a few reasons why this happens. Common problems include faulty rollers and worn out or worn down springs. If you notice anything different about your door, make sure you get it checked before it gets stuck!

What Are Those Sounds?

Sometimes a malfunctioning garage door can make all manner of sounds as it opens or closes. This is usually a good indicator that something is awry. Noises are usually caused by poorly lubricated parts in roller doors. This is easily remedied with a thorough service and repair job.

Check Your Remote

Sometimes your door is fine and it’s the remote that is malfunctioning. Always try changing the batteries on your remote first, and if this doesn’t work you may need to replace it entirely. If the remote isn’t the issue, there may be something else wrong with your insulated garage door. It’s still worth checking the minor things first, though!

Random Opening and Closing!

Sometimes a damaged garage door will open and close randomly, without warning. This is typically caused by random electrical faults in the sensors, and it is easily repaired. Try contacting a g arage door replacement and repair company in Perth.

How Are Your Rollers?

Despite their sturdiness, the rollers on your garage door can be damaged over time. Broken and bent rollers can cause those jams and loud noises that we discussed earlier. Generally, roller replacement is a good way to get your door back up to speed. Sometimes repairs might do the job, though. Talk to an expert to determine the best fix for your faulty rollers.

Last, But Not Least

Sometimes faulty electrical wiring can be the root cause of all the problems with your garage door. Get your wiring tested by a professional garage door technician. If it’s faulty they should be able to replace it for you.

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