Five Creative and Inspiring Garage Transformations

Art studio with palette and brushes

Do you have a garage at your home that you don’t even use? Often we underestimate the amount of space provided by our humble garage – but when you think about it, it’s quite a large proportion of your overall living space!

If you aren’t using your garage to house a car you might want to start thinking of other ways to utilise the space. Here’s some ideas to get you inspired and ready to renovate.

1. A Playroom for the Kids

The large open space of your garage makes it an incredibly flexible space for kids’ activities – a space that can keep evolving and changing through the years.

Convert the room into a physical activities space with monkey bars for swinging, ropes for climbing and wide open space for running around freely. As the kids get older you could establish reading areas with pillows or hammocks, or a music practice space.

They’ll love having their own established space as they grow into their teenage years as well.

2. Step into My Office

Garages can be successfully transformed into spacious, airy home office solutions with quite little effort. Scandinavian style furnishings can work particularly well for a converted office space, with their simple and practical designs. Think birch wood desks and square unit shelves, with basic white stationery items and accessories – a very modern style.

If you want to get creative, and have the budget, you could use glass sliding doors to fill your office with more natural light and plenty of fresh air to complete your clean, contemporary look.

3. A Dance or Yoga Studio

An excellent option for unused garages, as they provide the space needed for expressive dance movements. You will also have the privacy and serenity required for yoga, making it a perfect solution for the meditation components of the practice.

Install a bar and mirror for your budding ballerina, and plenty of yoga mats and soft furnishings for the yogis in the family. Proper insulation will also ensure your studio is sound-proof, so any music being played won’t disturb other family members or neighbours.

4. The Artist in Residence

If any of the family are talented artists, photographers or potters why not give them their own space to flourish? The garage is the perfect studio space, where it won’t even matter if they get paint or clay on the floor!

You’ll be giving them the privacy and peace and quiet they need to get creative.

5. A Home Movie Theatre

Why not set up a cool home cinema in your garage space? Impress your family and friends with your entertainment set-up, hosting movie nights in your own home theatre.

Teenage kids will love this idea – be prepared to host a lot of sleepovers. A popcorn machine might be in order!

If you’re thinking of transforming your garage into a cool new space for your family, talk to us about creative solutions. Garage Doors are the best in the business, providing expert advice on all things related to garages. Call us on (08) 6323 1262 or contact us online for free advice and any quotes or enquiries.

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