Five Tips to Organise Your Garage Space

a tidy and spacious garage

The garage can often become a neglected part of the house. We use it to store tools, unused items, storage containers full of souvenirs and unwanted gifts … in fact, it can quite easily turn into more of a junk room than anything! However, with a little bit of organisation your garage can become a clean, efficiently organised space where everything is relatively easy to find. Whether you have a large garage or just a small space, there are many things that you can do to utilise your space and give yourself a bit of additional storage, without taking up the area that you need for cars. Garage organisation is not difficult, and doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many DIY ways you can get your garage into order. Let’s take a look at some.

Getting Things Off the Ground

First, you need to get everything off the ground. A few strategically placed metal shelves (that you can make yourself) and some large plastic storage bins will really help you to get that garage organised. Plastic bins are really cheap, water-proof and water-tight. In addition, they are see-through, and can also easily be labelled, meaning you’ll be able to find what you need so much faster. You can also stack them neatly along your shelves.

DIY Wall Shelving

Those metal shelves we just mentioned … you can rig these up yourself. You really don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy garage organisation system. You can make one yourself and save money, plus you get to make it exactly how you need it. Just adding a few shelves will help immensely with storage issues and when you utilise wall space, you have much more floor room for larger items, as well as neat clear space around your cars.

Hang About – Use That Wall Space

The key to keeping your garage organised is having a place for everything. Hanging things takes up little to no floor space and utilises wall space that is typically left forgotten. You can add as many hooks as you like to your garage walls, to customise your wall space and neatly hang tools, toys, surfboards, tennis racquets … even large items like bikes can hang right on the wall to save space!

Create Tool Towers

Tall long-handled tools such as brooms, mops and rakes can also be stored vertically and efficiently in tower racks. A tower rack in the corner gives you the perfect storage solution, and many come with wheels so you can easily roll them wherever you need them. The handle of each tool fits securely into its own individual clasp, allowing you to keep your tools lined up neatly without their handles getting all crossed and tangled. Tower racks are available at many hardware stores.

Upside Down Storage

If you have a very small garage space, or just want to get really fancy with your DIY storage, use the ceiling! Ceilings are one of the best places to store things if you want to save floor space. You can easily create a sliding storage system that hangs from the ceiling, saving all of your wall and floor area for other things. A few plastic bins and a tracking system will instantly turn your garage ceiling into the perfect storage and organisation solution, and as this system is easy to build you can do it yourself. The guys at Garage Doors are trained qualified professionals, providing expert advice on all things related to garages – both commercial and residential. Call us on (08) 6323 1262 or contact us online for free advice on getting your garage organised, or for any more information about our services.

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