4 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Insulated Garage Door

The sometimes extreme weather conditions in Australia means that many households bleed a lot of money into their heating and cooling bills. This is money that can be better spent elsewhere or even saved for a rainy day. An affordable garage door can provide efficient and cost-saving insulation for your home.

man installing an insulated garage door

If you’re transforming your garage into a workspace a gym or a studio, you should be in the market for an insulated garage door. Similarly, if you’re just trying to save some money and increase overall comfort, the garage is a great place to start.

But before you go into new investment it’s important to be prepared. Let’s take a look at four questions to ask before deciding on garage door installation.

H3: What Brand Do You Use?

It’s worth asking what brand of garage door your company plans to install. There are a few out there, and they don’t all meet the same standards of quality and durability that you need in an insulated garage door.

One of the leading brands on the market is Thermalift. Thermalift garage doors are specially engineered to provide the best levels of insulation. These affordable garage doors are available in a range of different panel styles to suit your individual needs.

Do You Offer Repairs?

The best garage door companies will offer an end to end service. This includes the repair and maintenance of your residential garage door. Because a garage door is made of many moving parts, it can be prone to wear, tear and malfunction. Save the hassle of having to find a different provider when you need repairs. Choose a company that can take care of everything from sales to maintenance.

What Sort of Warranty Do You Provide?

Does the company offer a warranty? Always ask this question, but don’t just stop there. Some companies will offer a warranty on their installation but not the door itself, while others will offer a warranty on both the door and their work. Ideally, you want a company that offers both.

The duration of the warranty is also worth factoring into your decision. Warranties that last many years, or even a lifetime, are your best bet.

Can I Get a Free Quote?

Is the company willing to travel out to your home and give you a free quote? Companies that offer free quotes are generally worth a shot. This means they’re happy to volunteer their time and experience to come out and measure your place up. Don’t waste your time and money on a company that wants to charge you for a quote and measure.

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