Top 4 Signs it's Time to Replace Your Garage Door

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Have you noticed your garage door isn’t working as smoothly as it usually does? Maybe it’s no longer working at all?

Signs that your garage door may need replacing can include seized mechanisms, rust, and weather damage from rain or hail. The door may also have been damaged by a car, or with another form of impact.

You may also be interested in replacing your garage door to give your property a quick and easy facelift – this one simple change can do wonders for the outer appearance of your property.

The following are our top 4 signs you should be thinking of replacing your garage door.

1. Its Time for a Replacement

If you’ve already contacted your garage door technician and they’ve recommended replacing the whole unit, you can start thinking about your options.

For example, you could take this opportunity to upgrade to a newer model with better features, or switch to a properly insulated door, for more effective cooling and heating and soundproofing. Let’s take a look at these options.

2. Update Your Model and Switch to Insulated

With your old door on the way out you might like to look at some of the new features found on the latest garage door designs. You might want to also consider switching to insulated. Making the decision to change to an insulated doorcan bring a number of benefits to your home or business.

Insulated garage doors are generally made from galvanised steel and built around a polystyrene core, providing you with enhanced weather protection and noise reduction, both inside and out. This can be very handy if you’re regularly using loud power tools, or perhaps practicing a musical instrument in your garage space.

One of the most popular and leading designs is Thermalift™ insulated garage doors. What sets Theramlift apart from its competitors is how it engineers its door insulation, using no metal-on-metal contact from one side of the door to other.

3. The Benefits of Insulation

This reduces thermal transmission and improves its overall insulation value and energy efficiency. This will keep your home temperature more stable, and save you money on heating and cooling cost. It’s also a greener option, making it a better choice for the environment too!

4. Greater Range of Design and Colours

Later models of doors also have more flexibility to suit your home's appearance, with Thermalift panel styles available in over 20 pre-stained steel colours, to match your home's existing style and improve its overall design.

Replacing your garage door is also a simple solution to instantly improve the exterior appearance of your house – it’s amazing the difference that can be made to your home by this one easy step.

Now that it’s time to replace your old door you can start getting excited about these new designs and the value they’ll add to your home and lifestyle.

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