Is It Possible To Have An Eco-Friendly Garage Door?

Here at Garage Door Industries, we’re concerned about the environment. After all, climate change is a real thing and it’s happening right now. There’s been a rise in popularity of eco-friendly construction over the years. Perth homeowners are installing uPVC window frames, solar panels and other green elements to their homes. But what about garage doors? Can they be eco-friendly? Let’s discuss this in more detail.

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Why Go Eco-Friendly?

Why should you choose an eco-friendly garage door you ask? Well, there are a few reasons to consider. To start with, you’ll be doing your bit to help the planet heal and survive. If you do need some more convincing, read on. A composite or steel garage door will not warp or rot like a timber door will. This means less money spent on repairs and service s for a start. Secondly, there’s some serious street appeal in a good-looking, eco-friendly garage door. The neighbours will get talking, and if you ever choose to sell your home you’ll have injected a bit of a boost into its resale value!

Heating and Cooling

An insulated garage door will make your home an environmentally conscious one. Less money spent on heating and cooling your property means less money spent on burning fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuel directly contributes to climate change. But you’ll be doing more than just helping out Mother Earth – you’ll be saving yourself some serious money! Now that’s a bonus worth investing in.

Recycled Components

A garage door made for recyclable components is also eco-friendly. Steel or aluminium composite or polycarbonate doors come made using a certain percentage of recycled metal. That’s a certain percentage that doesn’t have to get manufactured new. The manufacturing process can have a significant carbon footprint, so recycling is always good! As well as this, the recyclable components in your garage door can be used again if you ever choose to upgrade. Unlike other products (such as some plastics), these recyclable parts won’t up sitting landfill for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Other Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

A great garage door is all about creating the perfect home. With that in mind, here are some other things you can do to lower your property’s carbon footprint.

Consider Solar Panels

Take advantage of all that Western Australian sun and install some solar panels. You may even be able to feed back into the grid and seriously reduce your power bill.

Turn Off Appliances at the Point

TVs, computers, chargers and other accessories can use a lot of energy, even in standby mode. When you’re not using them, remember to switch them off at the board.

Turn Off Lights

This is a simple tip, yet one that is regularly overlooked! Turn off lights when you’re leaving a room. If you’re not in there, they don’t need to be on. After all, your kettle isn’t scared of the dark! Looking For Eco-Friendly Garage Door Solutions? Are you looking for sustainable, affordable garage doors? Invest in eco-friendly with Perth’s Garage Doors Industries. If you need a new insulated garage door, or you want your existing door serviced, please call us on 08 9371 1331 or email us at for a free quote . For more handy tips and articles, feel free to explore our blog .

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