How To Keep Silent Garage Doors Silent

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Silence is golden, and this precious gift should get extended to all areas of your life, including your insulated garage door. Why put up with a rickety, noisy and bothersome door when you could have a smooth and silent unit? Let’s take a look at how you can achieve a stealthy, silent garage door in Perth.

Reasons Your Door is Noisy – and Solutions

There are several reasons why your sectional garage door may be making a racket. Let’s check them out while identifying the best solutions to these problems.

Lack of Lubrication

Often, the metal components of your insulated garage door are the culprits when it comes to noise. Hinges, tracks, springs and rollers all rattle around and create a total cacophony when you open or shut your door. Fix this by using lubricant. Make sure that you use a lubricant suitable for use on metal. Apply with an oil can and remove any excess with a rag. Be careful not to use grease as this can damage your door.

Tighten Up

Make sure that all nuts and bolts get tightened and there are no loose screws. Loose bits and pieces can move around and create noise.

Check Out the Rollers and Tracks

Examine your rollers and tracks: look for signs of damage and wear. Remember that rollers should roll and not slide around inside the track. Also, your tracks may be misaligned. Bent tracks often make for a noisy door.

More Lubrication

The garage door opener chain needs to be adequately lubricated. Apply some oil sparingly to the chain and the pinions on each end. Please note that if you have a rubber belt drive system, don’t apply oil to the rubber belt! This will damage it. Ensure that the chain or belt is tight and taut.

Apply Noise Insulators

Your local Perth garage door specialist can help with this. Noise insulators get installed between the motor and the metal brace that attaches the motor to the roof. This creates a buffer for the vibration between parts. This vibration is often a major cause of noise.

Other Ways to Achieve a Whisper Quiet Garage Door

  1. Give your door a thorough look over to ensure that everything is operating as it should.
  2. Replace your spring system with torsion springs if you have adequate space. These get installed above your door and make much less noise than extension springs.
  3. Replace your steel rollers with smooth, quiet nylon rollers.
  4. Replace a chain opener with a belt-driven opener.
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