DIY Garage Door Maintenance

Every property needs care and maintenance, from commercial buildings to residential homes, right through to industrial plants. If you look after your property correctly, then you’ll have far less stress. Why? A well-maintained property is less prone to extensive and expensive repair.

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This saves you money as well as a headache. Your garage door is an important part of your property. Let’s check out some DIY tips for garage door maintenance that will save you a lot of hassle down the line.

Pay Attention

One of the most important parts of maintaining your Perth garage door is paying careful attention to it. Is it opening and closing smoothly, or is it jerking and shuddering on its way up and down? Do the pulleys, cables and chains look symmetrical?

Does it make a horrible noise as it operates? These signs will give you clues as to whether your garage door needs some attention.

Tighten, Tighten, Tighten

Your sectional garage doors move more than any other part of your house, except maybe the front door and fridge door. This means that over time parts can become loose. Get a shifter and examine and tighten all roller brackets and bolts.

Examine the Balance

If your garage door becomes unbalanced, it has to work harder and will wear out quicker. Disconnect the opener by pulling the release handle and manually move the door halfway up.

If it starts to roll down of its own accord, it means that the springs aren’t properly balanced. While you can perform this test yourself, it is best to leave the repairs to a qualified insulated garage door technician.


This is the easiest and quickest job – and one of the most important. Properly lubricating your system will keep it working in peak condition for years to come.

Take fifteen minutes, grab some white lithium grease and apply it to the opener’s chain and screw. Take a spray lubricant, such as WD-40, and give the overhead springs a liberal coating.

Examine the Cables

Never, ever attempt to play with the cables that lift your automated garage door. They have the potential to cause serious injury or even fatalities. You can inspect them, though.

Cast an eye over your rollers and cables and check for damage, broken strands and wear and tear. If you see any, contact your Perth garage door specialist.

Replace the Weather Seal

The rubber seal at the bottom of your insulated garage door helps to keep the weather out. Rainwater and debris from storms can all make their way into your garage without one.

This seal can deteriorate over time, making the seal ineffective at best. You can buy these at your local hardware store and fit them yourself. Need More Garage Door Advice? Do you need more helpful tips for garage door maintenance?

Or perhaps you need to contact a professional for some maintenance and repairs? Whatever your situation, Garage Door Industries can help you. Call us on 08 9371 1331, or contact us online . We start with a free quote and make sure you get all the products and services you need.

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