How Safe is Your Garage Door?

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Garage doors are the epitome of convenience. You press a button and drive into your home like royalty. Your car is safe and secure overnight and you can keep other important possessions in your garage too. As well as this, your garage door is often the largest moving object in your home.

It’s important to stay safe around your garage door . Let’s take a look at the top safety tips for garage doors and how to make your garage door safer for everyone.

A Word about Kids

Kids are curious, inquisitive and adventurous. To them, the magic of an automated garage door may present a mystery that’s too tempting to ignore. Be firm but kind and educate children about garage door safety. Tell them to never stand under or near it while it opens or closes. Also, reinforce that the remote control is not a toy. If they use it while you drive in and out of your garage, make sure that it’s under close supervision and that it’s returned to a safe place after use. Also, children should never play unsupervised near an open garage door.

Not Just Kids

Kids aren’t the only people at risk of injury near a garage door. It’s important for adults to take the necessary precautions too. Never try to duck under an opening or closing garage door. Nothing is so important that it can’t wait for the door to fully close or open. Be patient and don’t go attempting any Indiana Jones’ type stunts.

Be Careful of Those Hands!

Keep your hands and fingers away from the garage door when it’s moving and away from any other moving parts while it’s operating.


A secure garage door is a strong deterrent against would-be robbers. While some automatic doors won’t open without a remote control, some industrial roller doors in Perth are hand-operated. Often, a lock can be affixed to the bottom of the door, meaning that your property is safe from any potential intruders.

Fire Safety

Unfortunately, fire is a fact of life. From arson to human error, fires sometimes occur. Did you know that your garage door can be an effective preventative measure against the risk of fire? Your garage door can get fitted with a fire and ember-resistant seal, which makes it harder for fire to spread to your home.

Service and Maintenance

Like everything in your home, your insulated garage door is prone to wear and tear. One way to ensure that your garage door lasts and lasts is to get it serviced and maintained on a regular basis . While it may be tempting to perform this maintenance yourself – this can be dangerous. Only a qualified professional should do this. So forget about the DIY and call in a technician. It’s safer and you’re guaranteed a job well done. Want to Know More about Garage Door Safety? Do you want to find out more about how to boost the safety of your sectional door? Maybe you’re looking for an upgrade or a service. Either way, Garage Door Industries have you covered. Call us on 08 9371 1331 or send us an email and ask us for a free quote.

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