Popular Garage Conversions in WA

These days, you can often find yourself pressed for space. With so many projects and hobbies, it's important to have space where you can be yourself.

garage converted into a music studio

Recently, many Perth home owners have been converting their insulated garages into all manner of rooms. Let's take a look at some of the most popular.

Home Office

Look beyond some affordable garage doors and you’ll find more than just a place to store your car and power tools. Many homeowners are converting their garage into an office space. People may freelance on the side of the nine-to-fiver, or even telecommute every day. A garage gives you enough space to set up a desk, chair, and some cabinets and still have plenty of space left over.

A Second Kitchen

Sometimes one kitchen just isn’t enough, especially if the kitchen inside your home is quite small. Some Perth residents have a hidden secret beyond their sectional garage doors. They’ve fully converted their garage into a proper, functioning kitchen, complete with countertops, ovens and range hoods. Some people even take the next step and put in a dining table and chairs, for that immersive cooking and dining experience.

A Playroom

Sometimes it’s hard to find room to let the rug rats roam. That’s why some innovative Perth families convert the space beyond the roller doors . A garage is a perfect place for a playroom. It’s expansive and cool and there’s heaps of room to set up a playpen for the little ones. You can also put in a TV and console for the older kids and still have plenty of room left over for other storage needs.

A Home Music Studio

Plenty of Perth residents have music as a passion and what is more iconic than a garage jam space? A drum kit, some synthesisers, guitars and speakers and you’ve got the perfect practice pad. Just remember that your neighbours may not be as appreciative of your music as you are. But not to worry, all you need to do is insulate your garage. An insulated garage door and some acoustic panelling will get you started. Next stop – fame and fortune!

A Rumpus Room

Some Perth households have converted their old garage into a good old-fashioned rumpus room. This is a room where the adults can hang out and play. We’ve seen a few variations on this theme. Some of the best rumps ideas have included a lounge suite, coffee table and fully stocked bar. What better way to relax on a cold winter’s weekend than in the rumpus room with some heart-warming conversation?

Do you have plans to convert your garage?

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