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Just like drivers on the road, homeowners also deserve the 4D Doors Garage Door opener motorbenefit of precision German engineering. Garage Door Industries is proud to be a distributor of 4D garage door openers, which are renowned for their high quality and safety. Certified in both Europe and Australia, these garage door automation models are built to a high level of performance, complete with Obstacle Detection Systems and Adaptive Power Flow Technology (APFT).

Innovation in Design

What truly sets a 4D door opener apart is its unique locking rail, integrated with the door using heavy-duty polyurethane belts and a refined frame, with no chains required. No matter how long we have to extend the rail, we can ensure that these door openers are easy to install, as they rely on a single suspension point to open and close a garage door.

Because it doesn't require an additional power supply, the locking rail on a 4D door opener offers a high standard of security, even in the event of a power outage. Homeowners can appreciate having a garage door that requires little to no maintenance and offers excellent security thanks to 4D's design team.

Our Product Range

We offer a fine range of 4D products, including:

  • The GA103 Garage Door Opener, complete with a 2-year warranty
  • The GA101 Battery/Solar-Powered Opener, ideal for garages without their own power supply
  • The GA203 Garage Door Opener, suitable for garages with up to 8 spaces
  • The GA403 Garage Door Opener, suitable for garages with up to 30 spaces

Call today and talk to one of our certified technicians about how these fine products can work for your garage door and make your life just a little easier.

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