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At Garage Door Industries, we understand that our customers want a choice when it comes to the appearance of their garage door. We offer a full range of door and door operator types, designed to suit both homes and businesses and a variety of styles ranging from traditional to modern.

Our roller doors are all made to measure for any residential or commercial application. They use high-quality nylon drums and side felt to reduce noise when opening or closing. We also factor in durability, securing these doors with a high-strength aluminium bottom rail and a weather seal to keep out both intruders and debris. Because roller doors tend to be manual instead of automatic, we've also added a centre-lift lock for enhanced security.

Our customers will appreciate the many forms and styles we offer in our roller door manufacturing process. These doors are available in 22 different Colorbond® colours,

Whatever your needs may be, Garage Door Industries has the expertise and tools to design and produce a roller door to your liking. That same dedication also applies to the speed at which we can install and service your new garage door.

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