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Professional Repairs for Your Home’s Garage Doors

Have you noticed your garage door isn’t working as smoothly as it usually does? Maybe it’s no longer working at all?

The garage can often be one of the last rooms of the house that we invest our time and money into. However, properly maintaining your garage space can save you time and money in the long run. It can also be important for you and your family’s safety, as garage doors can become hazardous when not working correctly.

Signs that your garage door may need some repair work can include seized mechanisms, rust, and weather damage from rain or hail. A car or other form of impact may also have damaged the door.

Call Perth’s Garage Door Professionals

Garage Door Industries is committed to not only manufacturing and installing high-quality garage doors, but also keeping those same doors in good condition for many years to come. We offer the expert services of our trained and experienced tradesmen, who will always visit your residence with a friendly and professional attitude.

Most homeowners want the best quality for their garage doors, especially when they look into top brands like Dominator® or Merlin®. However, even the best-made doors can still break down or get stuck. That's why routine maintenance and fast repairs are so essential to preserving a garage door's longevity.

Quality Service, Competitive Prices

We offer the services of our team of qualified and experienced technicians for all garage door maintenance and repairs. We can attend to any garage door in Perth or its surrounding areas, using the best tools to fix anything from broken springs and loose cables to dents and other surface damage from a car collision.

And if you ask around, you'll find that we provide these same great services at a competitive rate, so you'll always get the best value for your money.

To book an appointment, simply call us on (08) 9371 1331 or contact us online. Our experienced technicians will take care of the repair job.

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