custom Garage doors

Do you need a unique look or design for your home garage door? Choose a custom designed door from Garage Door Industries and enhance the look of your home or business!

Image of Custom Garage Door

About custom Garage Doors

We have the capabilities to manufacture to ANY specification and design!

Our team of garage door experts will work with you from start to finish to ensure you receive the best outcome for your custom garage door. We will take time to understand your project and design requirements.

Here at Garage Door industries we offer the most comprehensive range of custom made garage doors on the market. Our flush mount TILT DOORS offer the unique appearance of continuing the wall cladding through the door to make it invisible. This is exclusive to Garage Door industries.

At Garage Door Industries, we manufacture custom Doors up to 9m wide, no job is to big or small. We manufacture custom Doors out of ALUMINIUM, GALVANISED STEEL, and TIMBER with Acrylic and polycarbonate inserts available for all designs.

All our door springs in our custom range are standard 20,000 cycles and 50,000 cycles for high use applications.

Garage Door industries specialise in carpark door applications. Our full range of ventilated high cycle carpark doors offer strength and great appearance that is required for basement carpark use.

Image of Clearview Garage Door

clearview doors

These high-quality doors are made from polycarbonate infill panels, which are UV-resistant and filters out heat from the garage interior. The rest of the door consists of a heavy-duty 2 mm aluminium frame that will hold the door in place against strong winds and most intrusions. All our Clearview doors are made from a premium design, with a track safety edge that makes it easy and quiet to operate.

Our Clearview doors are easy to customise for any homeowner, with up to 10 design options available. These options include a full range of powder-coated colours and a variety of styles ranging from one panel wide to five sections wide. Doors can be made from 1 metre wide up to nine metres wide.

Image of Aluminium Garage Door

aluminium composite doors

Garage Door Industries offers both reliability and style across their Aluminium Composite product range. We are proud to offer our line of aluminium composite sectional doors, which afford any home a strong and resilient design and style.

Our aluminium composite doors come with a unique shadow line display between each section, creating a clean and contemporary style that will suit your home. We back up that fine appearance with a heavy-duty aluminium frame that will hold up in any weather condition and allows for easy and quiet operation. Doors can be made from 1 metre wide up to nine metres wide.