Garage door Options

Garage Door Industries specialises in the manufacture and installation of residential garage doors and commercial doors throughout the Perth metropolitan and country areas.

We understand that our customers want choice when it comes to the look of their garage door, which is why we offer a full range of doors and operators to suit all types of homes and businesses, from traditional to modern.

Image of Garage Door

Colours & Styles to suit any taste

Contemporary Colours

We offer a full range of Colorbond© colours along with our custom colour matching and painting service.

  • Classic Cream tm

  • Surfmist ®

  • Paperbark ®

  • Dune ®

  • Shale Grey tm

  • Evening Haze ®

  • cove tm

  • Pale Eucalypt ®

  • Mangrove tm

  • Cottage Green ®

  • Woodland Grey ®

  • Gully tm

  • Wallaby tm

  • Jasper ®

  • Manor Red ®

  • Ironstone ®

  • Deep Ocean®

  • Windspray ®

  • Basalt®

  • Monument®

  • Night Sky®

  • Classic Cedar Colour Option

    Classic Cedar tm

  • Caoba Colour Option

    Caoba ®

Garage panel Style

We also offer a range of different panel styles to suit your home's appearance along with your individual requirements and tastes.

  • Image of Contemporary Garage Door


  • Image of Ribline Garage Door


  • Image of Ranch Garage Door


  • Image of Traditional Garage Door