Insulated garage doors

Image of Insulated Garage Door

Garage Door Industries cares about two things above all else: product quality and customer satisfaction. With that in mind, we are proud to be a manufacturer and installer of high-quality insulated garage doors for Perth residents.

Because of the extreme weather conditions in Australia, having excellent insulation is vital for any residential or commercial property. Our insulated garage doors are made from galvanised steel and built around a polystyrene core. What these design features offer you is enhanced weather protection and noise reduction, both inside and out. Homeowners will appreciate being able to work in their garage without creating distractions for their family or their neighbours.

Thermalift™ Garage Doors

Garage Door Industries is a proud distributor of top brand products like Thermalift™ insulated garage doors. What sets Thermalift apart from its competitors is how it engineers its door insulation, using no metal-on-metal contact from one side of the door to other. This reduces thermal transmission and improves its overall insulation value and energy efficiency.

These panel styles are available in over 20 pre-painted steel colours. We also offer a custom colour match service to compliment your home's existing style, improving its overall design.

  • Image of Contemporary Pattern Door


Image of Insulated Garage Door